Learn Spanish with Compelling, Comprehensible Input. Qué guay.

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We give you popular articles every week in basic Spanish, because learning a language is as simple as…


Native speakers slowly read everything, and you can follow along, or easily repeat sections.

Words highlighting in an article as the audio plays


Our writers use simple language, but write how they’d talk to their friends.

Words highlighting in an article as the audio plays


Save and review vocab from articles, so you can finally remember the difference between jugar and juzgar.

Words highlighting in an article as the audio plays

See for yourself by reading a free article

Live video calls

Join weekly video calls with a leerly Spanish teacher, either just to get some extra listening practice, or take a stab at joining the conversation in Spanish. Lurkers always welcome.


Folks are using leerly as just one part of their language-learning journey, and seeing results.

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Marith M.

Spanish hobbyist

With leerly, I'm reading articles that are actually interesting, but not too challenging. I feel like my vocabulary is expanding in ways that auto-translators wouldn't help with.

An image of a leerly customer

Elisabeth C.

B2 Spanish Student

leerly is perfect because I’m reading articles that are interesting and relevant, but which also allow me to develop my vocabulary.

An image of a leerly customer

Douglas R.

Advanced speaker

leerly has been incredible in helping me brush up on my Spanish in a formal manner. Articles are engaging, informative and translated wonderfully.

Plans / Pricing

Two plans, upgrade at anytime. Also, refunds always available, no questions asked.

  • Access to limited articles
  • High-quality audio
  • Limited in-app translations
  • Access to the weekly speaking sessions
  • Participate in discussions on articles
  • Access to all articles
  • High-quality audio
  • Unlimited in-app translations
  • Built-in flashcards
  • Audio speed controls
  • Priority access to the weekly speaking sessions
  • Participate in discussions on articles

Do you have a trial?

Sure! By default, the first month is totally free.

What about other languages?

Once we feel as though we have really nailed the learning experience with Spanish, we want to expand to other languages, like French and Chinese. For now, though, only Spanish is available.

What are the articles about?

We find popular articles around the web each week, and then summarize and translate them to intermediate Spanish. We try to make sure our articles run the gamut of genres, like art, science, culture, business, etc.

What about refunds?

We can refund you, no questions asked. Just contact us using this form.

How can I learn a language just by reading and listening?

Yeah, it sounds kind of whacky, I didn't believe it either. That's why we recommend you try it out with our free trial, or you can read about it a little bit first.

That's it?

As if. We think there is a lot we can do to make reading in intermediate Spanish more engaging, so we have a long list of things we want to finish building.